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Contemporary Muslims in China

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  In the 20 years since the implementation of opening up to the outside wor1d policy, China came into a new historical era, its economy continuously developed and the society advanced roundly. The policy of freedom of religious belief and all nationalities equality were further implemented. Today's Muslims in China lead a happy life both spiritually and physically, their social status has been promoting continually. They actively devote themselves into the state's economic and cultural construction, and make great efforts to manage their own religious affairs and social public affairs at the same time. Particularly in recent Years, China Islamic Association stresses over and over again that the Muslims of all nationalities should actively participate in the social civilization construction and enhance their consciousness of modernization.

The elites of them were elected as representatives of Chinese People's Congress or Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, or the representatives of local PC or PPCC at all levels, some of them also occupy the leader's post in government department. Determined to protect the dignity of law, the people's profits, the unity of nationalities and the reunification of the motherland, they actively participate in the political activities. At the 7th National Representative Conference held in JmuaIy2000, China Islamic Association required the Islamic Associations at all levels to exert their own advantages to further promote and guide Islam to adapt to socialist construction; positively respond to the central government strategic call of exploring the northwest region; encourage the Muslims to devote themselves into the great cause of modernization and exploring the northwest; conduct religious activities within the bound of constitution, law, regulation and policy; 0enhance the unity among the nationalities and promote the unity among the sections and within the section itself, calling for to "conduct religious affairs corporately"; be strongly against the national splittism and religious extremism in the name of religion, and contribute to the state's prosperity and stability.

The reformation and opening up policy of our country injected energy to Chinese Muslims, economic development. Anumber of excellent Muslim enterprises and Muslim entrepreneurs flourished all over the country. They act a very important role in promoting the economic and cultural development of minority ateas. Xi'an Sanbao Shuangxi Group Company is one of the Muslimenterprises that maintained a stable development and achieved fane social and economic effect in recent years. The president of this company Nr.Sha Pengcheng led the workers and staff to work arduously for over 10years and gradually developed the company into an enterprise group of multiple structure and intensive administration with medicine production as the center and covering domestic trade, infant education and other fields. Their medicine enterprise has passed IS09002cediflcate and FAD certificate of U.S.A..111eir products have entered into the American market and are sold to over 40 counteies and areas all over the world.

The economic development of Chinese Muslims also brings along the Muslim cultural development. Today's Muslims of all nnationalities attach more importance to their own cultural life. They created splendid food culture and dress culture. The Beijing Ah Yi Muslim Dress and person1al Adornment Factory has done a lot of work in carrying forward the Chinese Muslim dress culture and serving Muslims’religious life.' Their products of various materials and styles are aold to all places of China. They took Chinese Muslim dress and personal adornment to Saudi Arabia and othe Arab countries, and won great honor for Chinese Muslim entrepreneurs. The manager of tis factory Miss Aisha is very devoted to her business. She said with Feat pride that the products of Aisha changed the monotonous dress style of Chiese Mulims which formed several hundred years ago. The greatest wish of her is that the Chinese Muslims can wear the finery designed and produced by her factory to go to the world and the future.

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